A blog by a Microsoft guy on cats and Application Lifecycle Management

The assessment of your organization’s Application Lifecycle Management process is the first step to streamlining and modernizing the software development process.

Many organizations do not have a unified and repeatable process in place for Application Lifecycle Management. This leads to inconsistent results and often project failure making the information technology organization a cost center rather than a strategic asset.

Achieving value in information technology starts by having an organizational commitment to a robust and flexible ALM process that provides quality metrics, improved traceability of requirements, automation of testing and builds and a repeatable process.

Start by taking an Individual Assessment to gain a quick overview of your IT Capability. 10-20 minutes of your time will give you a snapshot of where your organization is strong—and where you can improve.

You can also ask your colleagues to join you in a Team Assessment to get a more thorough understanding of your IT Capability. Each contributor will need 20-30 minutes to complete the questions—you may choose to answer the questions as well if you did not do the Individual Assessment yet. Measure the effectiveness of your current processes and use your results to prioritize your IT investments.

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